Friday, November 26, 2010

Efficient Training

Why is there a need to spend more than an hour at training per day? There isn't. One hour a day of efficient training is the best way to maintain health and fitness. Too many people spend too long working out with rest times in between sets too long. The key to increasing aerobic capacity is to reduce your rest time between sets and maintain a steady heart rate to improve your overall fitness. This makes it a lot less time and is more achievable to find 1 hour per day.

Putting it into your diary, like any appointment is the key.

Make the time. 7 hours a week out of 168 hours. Equals 4% of your time.

Not a big commitment.


  1. 4% seems more than achievable when put like that but what would you recommend I could do in a hour when I am often restricted by staying home to look after children? Is there a list of exercises that can be done in the living room using minimal purchased equipment?

  2. Seuss, yes there is, however, it is like most machines that people buy to use in front of the television, they gaher in dust in the garage !

    It is essential to make the time first, even if it is just walking to begin with.

    If you want floor exercises for the home, that is easy, happy to email you, please send me your email address to send.

    Time to make the time. !