Friday, December 23, 2011

How can they stop the Little Master ?.....Tendulkar

How can the Aussies stop the little Master (Tendulkar) in the Boxing day test and the
up coming series ?

Tendulkar, aged 38, is one of the greatest batsman of all time. In his 31 tests against Australia he averages 60.59 with 11 hundreds.

However, since 2005, he has made one century in 13 tests - but - he always seems to find something against Australia. His test average is 56.02. So, against Australia it is clear that he
finds form.

This is likley to be his last test series in Australia.

The recent shoulder surgery may have caused some doubt, but it is unlikely that this will stop him.

The question has to be does Australia have the firepower to bowl out Indis twice in a test
match ? the bowling the bigger challenge with the team configuration as the current
batting form ?

It would seem that the stage is set for the "Little Master" at 5 foot 5, to have a big finale in Australia.

Born - April 24, 1973
Age - 38
Height - 5'5
Major teams - India, Asia XI, Mumbai, Mumbai Indians, Yorkshire
Nickname - Little Master
Tests - 184
Runs - 15,183
Test 100's - 51
Half Centuries - 63
Test Aver - 56.02


Games - 453
ODI runs - 18,111
ODI 100's - 48
ODI 50's - 95
ODI average - 45.16

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big Bash or Small Bash ?.....

If the crowds are indication is the Big Bash a farce ?..........

Is the sight of watching days gone by heros (Hayden, Warne etc) really
what it is all about ?

Isnt it a glorified state competition with a few oldies and a few internationals thrown in ?

One thing for sure, any game with Warnie in it will capture the imagination with the sight of
Liz.....but the crowds have been a bit underwhelming....

Even Hayden said he was disappointed with the 12,285 that turned up to the Gabba, complete
with fireworks.

Maybe when the Heat Play Warnie (tuesday night) at the Gabba - a bigger crowd will
turn up ?

Is it lacking some blue chip internationals ? and is it trying too hard to replciate the WSC

from 1978 ?

But the scheduling is appaling with the Big Bash going head to head with the Boxing Day test ? What the ?.......

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shane Radbone: A National Tragedy !.............Kiwi's ?

Shane Radbone: A National Tragedy !.............Kiwi's ?: Losing to the Kiwi's is a national tragedy...... New Zealand won less gold medals at the last Olympic games than tasmania, yet, we lost our...

A National Tragedy !.............Kiwi's ?

Losing to the Kiwi's is a national tragedy......

New Zealand won less gold medals at the last Olympic games than
tasmania, yet, we lost our first Test match on home soil since 1985.

Bring Back Katich ?...........

Warnie ? ...and Liz ?..

Hughes gone.........

Punter surely on his last legs.......

Is this the worst Australian cricket team since the Graham Yallop era ?

First, the Rugby, now the Cricket. Lets Hope tassie uphold the Olympic tradition in
2012 in London......

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make exercise a habit

It takes 16 weeks to form a habit.

Exercise is no different. The key to exercise is to find a long term sustainbale approach to
exercise that maintains regularity and enjoyment.

Too many people buy a gym membership and never use it or go very infrequently. Many gyms like this, however, this does not allow you to form long term habits. You know the deal, but a 12 month membership and never use it !!..........

You need to make exercise a priority and aim to do something every day. It is like putting an
appointment in your diary, it is that simple.

But, it has to be enjoyable exercise and a sustainable approach.

For that, you need to find the right balance of enjoyable and beneficial exercise so that you
maintain the momentum.

On top of that, it is also very important to have a goal - a reason to train.

This is vital if you want to make it a habit. Having something to train for gives you a reason
to find that 7 hours a week.

7 hours out of 168 equals is around 4% of your time, not a huge commitment.........

Therefore, make it a priority + do something every day + have a goal to train !

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pattinson, the real deal ?

James Pattinson was very impressive.

Which included 6/115 overall and 5/27 in the second innings to earn
man of the match.

Australia nothing short of very good in this test match. They could have wrapped up the
test match quicker if it was not for the weather and the partnership with Vittori in the first
innings. Clarke's hundred positioned the team well for a 132 lead. Ponting bounced back.

Many highlights - Clarke's hundreds, Pattinson's swing bowling and Lyon's 7 wickets.

For the Kiwi's, their batting looks vulnerable and the fielding was less than desired, with
many mistakes and dropped catches.

Phillip Hughes getting caught for only 7 in the second innings will do very little to help
him retain his opening position, as Australia struggles to find the right opening

A triple wicket maiden in his second over was very impressive from Pattinson. He had 4-1 at one point. Australia's 427 in the first innings was very good.

Could be a long summer for the Kiwi's. Kiwi Skipper, taylor had a nightmare of a match.