Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make exercise a habit

It takes 16 weeks to form a habit.

Exercise is no different. The key to exercise is to find a long term sustainbale approach to
exercise that maintains regularity and enjoyment.

Too many people buy a gym membership and never use it or go very infrequently. Many gyms like this, however, this does not allow you to form long term habits. You know the deal, but a 12 month membership and never use it !!..........

You need to make exercise a priority and aim to do something every day. It is like putting an
appointment in your diary, it is that simple.

But, it has to be enjoyable exercise and a sustainable approach.

For that, you need to find the right balance of enjoyable and beneficial exercise so that you
maintain the momentum.

On top of that, it is also very important to have a goal - a reason to train.

This is vital if you want to make it a habit. Having something to train for gives you a reason
to find that 7 hours a week.

7 hours out of 168 equals is around 4% of your time, not a huge commitment.........

Therefore, make it a priority + do something every day + have a goal to train !

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