Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pattinson, the real deal ?

James Pattinson was very impressive.

Which included 6/115 overall and 5/27 in the second innings to earn
man of the match.

Australia nothing short of very good in this test match. They could have wrapped up the
test match quicker if it was not for the weather and the partnership with Vittori in the first
innings. Clarke's hundred positioned the team well for a 132 lead. Ponting bounced back.

Many highlights - Clarke's hundreds, Pattinson's swing bowling and Lyon's 7 wickets.

For the Kiwi's, their batting looks vulnerable and the fielding was less than desired, with
many mistakes and dropped catches.

Phillip Hughes getting caught for only 7 in the second innings will do very little to help
him retain his opening position, as Australia struggles to find the right opening

A triple wicket maiden in his second over was very impressive from Pattinson. He had 4-1 at one point. Australia's 427 in the first innings was very good.

Could be a long summer for the Kiwi's. Kiwi Skipper, taylor had a nightmare of a match.

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