Friday, December 23, 2011

How can they stop the Little Master ?.....Tendulkar

How can the Aussies stop the little Master (Tendulkar) in the Boxing day test and the
up coming series ?

Tendulkar, aged 38, is one of the greatest batsman of all time. In his 31 tests against Australia he averages 60.59 with 11 hundreds.

However, since 2005, he has made one century in 13 tests - but - he always seems to find something against Australia. His test average is 56.02. So, against Australia it is clear that he
finds form.

This is likley to be his last test series in Australia.

The recent shoulder surgery may have caused some doubt, but it is unlikely that this will stop him.

The question has to be does Australia have the firepower to bowl out Indis twice in a test
match ? the bowling the bigger challenge with the team configuration as the current
batting form ?

It would seem that the stage is set for the "Little Master" at 5 foot 5, to have a big finale in Australia.

Born - April 24, 1973
Age - 38
Height - 5'5
Major teams - India, Asia XI, Mumbai, Mumbai Indians, Yorkshire
Nickname - Little Master
Tests - 184
Runs - 15,183
Test 100's - 51
Half Centuries - 63
Test Aver - 56.02


Games - 453
ODI runs - 18,111
ODI 100's - 48
ODI 50's - 95
ODI average - 45.16

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big Bash or Small Bash ?.....

If the crowds are indication is the Big Bash a farce ?..........

Is the sight of watching days gone by heros (Hayden, Warne etc) really
what it is all about ?

Isnt it a glorified state competition with a few oldies and a few internationals thrown in ?

One thing for sure, any game with Warnie in it will capture the imagination with the sight of
Liz.....but the crowds have been a bit underwhelming....

Even Hayden said he was disappointed with the 12,285 that turned up to the Gabba, complete
with fireworks.

Maybe when the Heat Play Warnie (tuesday night) at the Gabba - a bigger crowd will
turn up ?

Is it lacking some blue chip internationals ? and is it trying too hard to replciate the WSC

from 1978 ?

But the scheduling is appaling with the Big Bash going head to head with the Boxing Day test ? What the ?.......

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shane Radbone: A National Tragedy !.............Kiwi's ?

Shane Radbone: A National Tragedy !.............Kiwi's ?: Losing to the Kiwi's is a national tragedy...... New Zealand won less gold medals at the last Olympic games than tasmania, yet, we lost our...

A National Tragedy !.............Kiwi's ?

Losing to the Kiwi's is a national tragedy......

New Zealand won less gold medals at the last Olympic games than
tasmania, yet, we lost our first Test match on home soil since 1985.

Bring Back Katich ?...........

Warnie ? ...and Liz ?..

Hughes gone.........

Punter surely on his last legs.......

Is this the worst Australian cricket team since the Graham Yallop era ?

First, the Rugby, now the Cricket. Lets Hope tassie uphold the Olympic tradition in
2012 in London......

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make exercise a habit

It takes 16 weeks to form a habit.

Exercise is no different. The key to exercise is to find a long term sustainbale approach to
exercise that maintains regularity and enjoyment.

Too many people buy a gym membership and never use it or go very infrequently. Many gyms like this, however, this does not allow you to form long term habits. You know the deal, but a 12 month membership and never use it !!..........

You need to make exercise a priority and aim to do something every day. It is like putting an
appointment in your diary, it is that simple.

But, it has to be enjoyable exercise and a sustainable approach.

For that, you need to find the right balance of enjoyable and beneficial exercise so that you
maintain the momentum.

On top of that, it is also very important to have a goal - a reason to train.

This is vital if you want to make it a habit. Having something to train for gives you a reason
to find that 7 hours a week.

7 hours out of 168 equals is around 4% of your time, not a huge commitment.........

Therefore, make it a priority + do something every day + have a goal to train !

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pattinson, the real deal ?

James Pattinson was very impressive.

Which included 6/115 overall and 5/27 in the second innings to earn
man of the match.

Australia nothing short of very good in this test match. They could have wrapped up the
test match quicker if it was not for the weather and the partnership with Vittori in the first
innings. Clarke's hundred positioned the team well for a 132 lead. Ponting bounced back.

Many highlights - Clarke's hundreds, Pattinson's swing bowling and Lyon's 7 wickets.

For the Kiwi's, their batting looks vulnerable and the fielding was less than desired, with
many mistakes and dropped catches.

Phillip Hughes getting caught for only 7 in the second innings will do very little to help
him retain his opening position, as Australia struggles to find the right opening

A triple wicket maiden in his second over was very impressive from Pattinson. He had 4-1 at one point. Australia's 427 in the first innings was very good.

Could be a long summer for the Kiwi's. Kiwi Skipper, taylor had a nightmare of a match.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Time to go Ricky ?.......

Former test greats have called on Ricky Ponting to retire at the end of the summer
before he risks being axed by selectors looking for youth.

Ponting is one of at least four players whose test careers will come under the microscope
after Australia's eight wicket loss to South Africa in the first test.

Opening Phil Hughes, misfiring paceman Johnson, and wicketkeeper brad Haddin must all be
feeling the pinch.

The former test cricketer who turns 37 next month and made 8 and 0 in this test, will be under
huge pressure. Ponting has 254 test runs in the past year at an average of 18.84 per test.

Ian Chappell today identified Ponting as one of the players who should be dropped from the
South Africa debacle. Kepler Wessels also supported the comments of Chappell, as the challenge is that Ponting will finish his career being dropped.

West Indian great, Michael Holding is hoping that Ponting is not tapped on the shoulder by selectors in what would be a poor way to finish his career.

His highest score in the last year has been 51 no versus England in Brisbane.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daly disgrace ?

The "Wild Thing" walks off the course ?!

Should they throw the book at him ?......after is 2008 suspension for being intoxicated
outside a Hooters restaurant.

He left the course on the 11th at the Aussie Open after hitting reportedly 7 balls into the water -
makes us all feel human......!

He then pakced up his bag, balls (or lack of them) and went home.......

Should they ban him ?......PGA will want some action no doubt.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shane Radbone: Kelly Slater....a debacle !?.....

Shane Radbone: Kelly Slater....a debacle !?.....: 39 Years Old, 10 soon to be 11 world titles, all in 3 different decades. What happened the other day will only be a small bump on his pathw...

Kelly Slater....a debacle !?.....

39 Years Old, 10 soon to be 11 world titles, all in 3 different decades.

What happened the other day will only be a small bump on his pathway to claiming his 11th world title. It is undeniable that Kelly Slater will be more determined than ever to claim the ASP world Title after the ASP gave him the Title after winning his Round 3 heat, but then miscalculating and realising that he still needs to win another heat to claim it. We can only hope he claims it.

If he does he will go down as one of the greatest sportsman of all time...

Friday, October 21, 2011

All Blacks are they beatable ?.....

Can the All Blacks be beaten ?.......

How can in a 2 horse race, can the oppostion be
$7.50 to win and the All Blacks at $1.10 ?

Crazy odds.

Berrick Barnes supporters around the Conutry are lamenting
the selection choice and wondering "what if "?......

If the punters are right it will be a very one sided World Cup Final.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shane Radbone: Can Wallabies nail it ?........

Shane Radbone: Can Wallabies nail it ?........: Can they win, what promises to be an Epic game...... With Ritchie McCaw out possibly injured can the Kiwi's confront the huge public expect...

Can Wallabies nail it ?........

Can they win, what promises to be an Epic game......

With Ritchie McCaw out possibly injured can the Kiwi's
confront the huge public expectation that they face ?....

Is this 1987 ? or will they choke ?

The pressure is on the All Blacks, promises to be huge !

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shane Radbone: Lingy goes out on right note.....

Shane Radbone: Lingy goes out on right note.....: Well Done Lingy....completing his career on a high. Kicking a goal with his last kick and winning a Premiership is a great way to finish. ...

Lingy goes out on right note.....

Well Done Lingy....completing his career on a high.

Kicking a goal with his last kick and winning a Premiership
is a great way to finish.

Great career.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shane Radbone: The Cats.......end of an era ?.....

Shane Radbone: The Cats.......end of an era ?.....: Well Done to the Cats......... With 9 players heading over 30 next year, surely that is the end of an era. Never in the last 25 years has ...

Shane Radbone: The Cats.......end of an era ?.....

Shane Radbone: The Cats.......end of an era ?.....: Well Done to the Cats......... With 9 players heading over 30 next year, surely that is the end of an era. Never in the last 25 years has ...

Shane Radbone: The Cats.......end of an era ?.....

Shane Radbone: The Cats.......end of an era ?.....: Well Done to the Cats......... With 9 players heading over 30 next year, surely that is the end of an era. Never in the last 25 years has ...

The Cats.......end of an era ?.....

Well Done to the Cats.........

With 9 players heading over 30 next year, surely that is the end of an era.

Never in the last 25 years has a team never finished any lower than 10th.

Good result, well done Cats............

Saturday, September 24, 2011

AFL Grand Final - Cats v Pies......Hawks almost

The Hawks almost did it, as the whole of Australia was hoping !......

After Buddy's goal in the last quarter it felt like a major boilover was on the
cards !.......but, the Pies held on.

The two best teams play off.

Question is how much will the 90+ point loss in the last game of the year play on
Collingwood's mind ?

Can Collingwood overcome the doubts generated from that last game ?

Time will tell.........what a game ahead !............

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hawthorn vs. Geelong Grand Final looms !........

Can the Eagles beat Geelong ?.........the Cats may prefer the Eagles, as opposed to the Blues......a great game of AFL Football.

Money would have to be on the Cats going through.

On the other game, the Hawks play Collingwood in what promises to be a real test. The Hawks woudl fancy themselves in this match.


Therefore, repeat of the 2008 Grand Final..........Hawks vs Cats.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

No Buddy - No Hawks ?.......Bombers to cause upset !

Can Hawthorn recover from what looks like a 2-3 week injury with Buddy ??

No Roughhead makes it very difficult for the Hawks to progress.

Watch Essendon cause an upset in front of 90,000 at the "G".

Go Bombers........

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Colliwobbles have set in ?......

After last nights 90+ point thrashing by the Cats, have the Colliwobbles returned to
the Pies ?.......

Surely, that is the worst way to prepare for a finals campaign to do down to a rival by more
than 90 points ?

What will this do mentally to them ?

It can't be good.

Is it looking like a repeat of 08" , Geelong versus Hawks GF ?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bombers never give up......

The Bombers were 34 points down with 14 minutes to go !........

Then, they scored 7 goals, with 5 coming in 10 minutes !.......amazing

One way traffic and centre clearances were outstanding.

Hurley is a star in the making.....

Great to watch !

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are Collingwood getting the "wobbles"........

Are Collingwood starting to look vulnerable ?

Are they capable of back to back Premierships ?....if they do, what
will happen to Malthouse.....

He will be the first back to back coach asked to step down !!

But, they appear to have real competition from the Cats and the

The Colliwobbles.......are they back ?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Substitute rule has to go..........

Are Port Adelaide that bad.....or does the fact that we have had a record number of
"blowout" in terms of winning margins telling us something ?..............

More than 11 games this year greater than 100 points. A record.

Do the lower teams have the flexibility to "shut down games" or does the new sub rules
with rotations allow those teams with great midfields to expose the weaker teams for longer.

if you have a "new rules committee" - it does promote the need to tinker with the rules.

But why ?.......

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Future of AFL Football looks uncertain ?.....

Is the AFL at the crossroads ?

Free Trade ?......too many blowouts ?........teams winning by 20-30 goals too often.....has the game lost its appeal ?....crowds down ?.....

Question has to remain......have they played with the rules too much ?

For example, with the new substitute rule and rotations means that the better teams have an advantage of being able to keep their midfield fresher, which means that the gap between the very good teams and good teams will continue to grow.

No longer, with the rule change does it allow the lesser teams to "shut the game down".

Look at the recent results.....Melbourne blowout, Power, Gold Coast et al.

The constant playing with the rules has caused this.

Now, with the up-coming Free Trade, will the AFL end up like English Premier League where only really 3-4 teams can win each year ?.....the gap between the poor and rich clubs will expand ?

Is that where the AFL is going ?.....

Bombers Gutsy Win !........and how bad are the Power ?...

The Bombers with only 26 fit men on their list came out and beat Sydney by a point last night.

Adam Goodes missed a shot after the siren. Watson killed them with 31 posessions and Fletcher may just play for ever.......amazing effort.

The Bombers in the 8, and out of 7th on just percentage.

A great effort.

How bad are the Power ?....a 138 point record breaking loss in memory of C.Cornes.

Bring Back Jack Cahill........

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How will they remember C. Cornes ?......

Will Chad Cornes be viewed as a Top 10 player in the Power History ?

Or will he be remembered for the way that he left the game.

Or was he just despised by Crows supporters on Showdown's ?....

Was he as good as Gavin ? Dewy ? Burgoyne ? Tredrea ?..........

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bailey....Who else ?......

Dean Bailey sacked as coach of the Demons after the 30 goal the Cats.

Who else ?

What other changes will there be by year end ?.......

4 other clubs have coaches out of contract ?

Clarkson to Crows ? or will it be Bickley ? The safe option is from within.
Will be interesting to see if the Crows are brave. Last time they were brave,
Blight took them to back to back flags.

The Dee's have been rebuilding for 15 years.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Finally the Crows had the courage to encourage Craig to fall on his sword !

Will they have the courage to recruit from outside or go the easy option and
recruit from within ?

What about Mark Williams ?.....he has a great record and as a 3 year coach option,
it will be the best selection. Rumours abound that Williams is not happy in GWS

Going with the existing known coaches or be brave ?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Has the Cats bubble burst ??.......

Did the Cats peak too early ?

Playing finals footy in May is not always the best way to
win a Grand Final.

Losing to the Bombers last week and the Eagles last night, shows
that their best form may be behind them.

It will be a true test for Coach, Scott !

Sunday, July 3, 2011

BOMBERS ARE BACK !!............

The Bombers 4 point win over Geelong means the Bombers are back in business !

Coming from 5 losses in a row - Travis Colyer came off the bench to surprise.

Hirdy and Bomber had outcoached the Cats and the odds of +$7 showed it was a
good bet !

The Bombers are back !...........

Sunday, June 26, 2011

STOP PRESS : Mark Williams to coach Crows......

Reports out of Sydney are that Mark Williams and family are not happy
in Sydney.

Reports are that he wants to return to Adelaide.

He wants to coach again...

Which AFL team will need a coach next year ?.......

Will Adelaide Crows have the courage to pick him ? ....could he be a great 3 year
coach at Adelaide ? ......or will they take the "easy" option and pick "one of their
own". ?

Imagine the marketing with Mark Williams at the Crows........imagine him taking the
boys to the outer side at three quarter time ?

Why not ?

Changing a culture - means making bold change - but, are they brave enough ????!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

CEO Sleep Out.......amazing experience.

What an amazing experience......hearing from the two people and their real life experiences as a homeless person.

Hearing from "Theodore". who encountered abuse as a child, then lived in the streets from Age 14, her challenges with drugs and to where she is today, as a mother and a wife.

An inspiring story.

I encourage everyone to do this next year and you dont need to be a CEO, you just need the right attitude and approach !

Check out -

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bombers Bomb....

Has Hirdy's bubble burst ?

A 21 point loss to a struggling Roo's, suggests that the
season peak may have been some time ago.

Injuries played a factor as did a "dodgy" umpire decision late in the
last quarter.

They play Hawks, Geelong, Tigers and Adelaide next.

At least pencil down the Crowbots win......

Final 8 for the Bombers ? ......still a chance.

Friday, June 10, 2011

They call them the "Crowbots".......

In the AFL, they are known as the "Crowbots".

Very predictable and with a game plan that is bland.

If they lose again this weekend, will Craig last another week ?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time for a change at the Adelaide Crows ??......

Is it time that the Crows made a decision on Neil Craig ?....

Reportedly, the best squad in his tenure....are they playing with any passion
or creativity ?....

Has Craig's game plan got potential to win a Flag or not ?.....

Have Adelaide got the courage to make a decision or has Craig got a
"job for life" ?

All question that will be asked this week without a doubt !!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Karmichael Hunt !........

It was great to see the "K factor" score his first goal in AFL.

Check this out :

The Suns were fantastic for the first half, but just could not sustain the
pressure against the Cats.

Are the Cats playing their finals now ?.....are they peaking too early ?....
the finals are in September, not May.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tigers Lucky or the real deal ?

Against a injury ravaged Bombers, the Tigers won by 16points in
front a 83,000 fans at the G.

Are they the real deal ? or is this just another Tigers potential let down.

Great contest for the Indigenous round !

Bombers will bounce back.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Are the Cats that good ?

Are the Cats peaking too early ?.....

Their 2 point win over Carlton extended their winning streak to 8 points, with a
102 to 100 win. New coach Scott, is only one win away from the record as
a new coach.

Are they that good ? or are they playing finals football now.....? can they
keep it up.....history say's no.

The Blues were unlucky and have shown they are a Top 4 side.

The Cats are doing it without Gary Ablett, but next week play the Gold Coast
for the first time in what promises to be an interesting game.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can anyone stop Gary Ablett Jnr ?

Can anyone stop Gary Ablett.......he had 25 posessions to Half time of the Crows match.

He finished the game with 41 posessions and celebrated his 27th birthday with a great individual game.

He has been in rare form the past month. His ability around the stoppages is first class.

Next game (after the bye) is against Geelong, what a cracker that should be !!

Dreamtime at the "G"........

The Boombers won by 36 points against the Lions.

Next week, they play Richmond at the "G" in the Dreamtime
annual clash.

The mighty Bombers sit third and are proving many of the critics wrong
with consistency in their games.

Zaharakis had 25 possessions in a scrappy game and will look next week to cement their spot in the
Top 4.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Don's Day and Crows need fresh start !.........

The Bombers sit 3rd on the ladder after a 16 point win.

A six goal third quarter set up the win.

The Bombers are back !..............

The Crows should be calling for changes at all much longer can
there be acceptance of mediocrity and jobs for life ?

Brave sweeping changes needed, ala Malcolm Blight at all levels.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gold Coast Suns rise to 13th and Tigers on run !

The Gold Coast Suns won the Q Club last night by 8 points in a great contest,
besides many injuries.

Many thought that the win against Port Adelaide would be their maiden,
but, it is clear that they will win more, especially in Qld.

Could they make the 8 ? as Silly as it sounds, they are only 1 game out of the 8.

The Tigers, and we all love that song, are on a roll and sit 10th and
are playing great footy with a 49pt win over the Dockers.

Question is will Port Power win the wooden spoon ?!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crows have to get 100 Points...........

Here is a very interesting fact.

The Crows in Season 2010 reached 100 points on 7 occasions. In Season 2011, they have just once. Thus for a total of 8 times.

Lets compare this to Collingwood.

In Season 2010, Collingwood scored above 100 17 times and in Season 2011 have done it in every game. Thus, for a total of 22 times !!

What can you take out of that ?!

You need to score to win.

You cant defend to win a Premership

Is that the issue with the Crows ?......they may be good enough to make another finals, but is this
gameplan and style good enough to win a Flag ?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sports Illustrated....

Gary Smith has written a great article on Rick and Dicky Hoyt in the
April 18th edition of Sports Illustrated.

"Yes you Can"

Collingwood too good this Anzac Day.......but not by much

There was not a lot in it.

Dyson Heppell is another "Hird lookalike" , outstanding to watch.

Great signs and they are certainly beatable.

Enjoyed the match, the boys loved the rooms afterwards, although the
mood could have been a lot better.

Jed meeting Bogut was amazing, great photo.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anzac Day Clash.....The Bombers to win.

Expectation surrounds the Anzac Day clash with the Bombers in
rare form and expected to take it up to the Pies.

Hird understands what is needed on this great day as the pressure
and stoppage work will determine the winner.

Jobe Watson has lead from the front and the Magpies will struggle in a
game where they have yet to have had real pressure.

Three big men in for the Bombers, will give added height on a day when there
is expected to be no rain and favour the big men.

90,000+ will be there in what is a great tradition that should never change.
The silence of the Last Post bugle is amazing.

Go Bombers......

GOLD COAST SUNS !!!!........

It was predicted earlier !

Paid $17 !!

Amazing clearance work !!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gold Coast Suns First Win Today ?..........

Can the Gold Coast break thru today against Port Adelaide.

Power have always struggled post a Showdown game.

At $17 a win, could be a decent bet ?......

They have to win sometime !.............

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rick and Dick Hoyt....amazing story.

Met whilst in Boston, for the marathon the most inspiring 2 people,
Rick and Dick Hoyt.

What an amazing life story.

They competed in close to their 70th Marathon and have a great story to tell.

Check them out on You Tube.

Amazing stuff.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston Marathon 2011.

Will be run Monday 18th April, Patriots Day in the US. The most "serious" marathon of the World Majors. Qualifying times and a limit of 28,000 athletes. A Kenyan and/or an Ethopian has won the race for the past 20 years. The last non African runner to win was Italian, Bordin in 1990. Australian Robert de Castella won it in 1986 in a course record at the time. He was also the first person to win prizemoney for the race. This years winners, win $150,000 cash for both male and female. Everyone is primed, this is not a "fun run", it is full of serious qualifiers. Bondy looks strong !........

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gold Coast Suns.......

Dear Oh Dear........ Will this be a very long season for the Gold Coast Suns......ala Brisbane Bears ? Or are they adjusting to playing in the big time ? Ablett looked underdone.....many of the experienced players struggled. Lets hope it is just first game jitters........!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Bombers are the real deal !

They are back...... Proving that the Pre-Season Cup Final was no fluke, the Bombers smashed the Bulldogs by 55 points today ! James Hird will be now known as the Messiah !....... The gameplan looks solid and many more victories on the horizon !!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Will win the Flag ?.........

Will Collingwood make it two in a row ? (hope not !).........

Can St Kilds break thru, finally ? overcome the scandals of the pre-season ?.....
Western Bulldogs done with...?....The Cats too old...too Bomber....
Hawks replay the magic of 08' ?......Swans (the bloods) repeat 05'
coach.....Crows....dont think way.....Bombers...will make the eight.

Many Questions, not many answers.......

A great AFL season awaits.

We shall see !......

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Bombers are the real deal.

The Bombers are back !.........

In their first final for 11 years and a big chance to take it out.
The "Super Coaches" - Thompson and Hird are showing a
new style of game that can make a significant difference to
the team in 2011.

Watson was outstanding, Zaharakis was also very good. Quick
ball movement and usage of the ball has been a feature.

A good Bombers is great for the AFL and for crowds and support.

Go Bombers !

Friday, February 25, 2011

No Dougie.....No Aussies ?

Can the Aussies win without Douggie "hairpiece" Bollinger ?

Diugie has flown home with an ankle injury after the Aussies beat
the Kiwi's overnight.

Who will replace the Great Dougie ?......can the Aussies make it 5 in a row
with the World Cup.

Siddle surely is in line for a recall >?.....or bring back Merv.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are the Gold Coast Suns the real deal ?

Are the Gold Coast Suns the real deal ?

Beating Sydney Swans in a 20/20 version was a test of
sorts. Beating GWS may not be seen in the same light.

Where will they finish ? Can they make the Top 8 ?

Watching the "K" off a half back flank, shows he has the
ability to run straight at the ball and showed poise under

It will be great for the competition. Will the AFL get $1bn for the
TV rights, it will go close. Making life for Rugby very difficult.

How about those Bombers with the dream team coaches !

Friday, February 11, 2011

AFL - Why Change the Rules so much ?........

How many Sporting codes do you know that change or tamper with the
rules as much as the AFL does ?

Is this a good thing ?.....should the game be left just as it is.

The rule of when the last person touches it and it goes out of bounds
resulting in a free kick to the opposition is kids stuff. Why change that ?

The new innovative 20/20 concept is great and relevant for this time of
year, BUT, should this great game continue to play with the rules ?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Can the Mighty Redback's bring home the bacon ?..

Can the Mighty SA Redbacks bring home their first trophy since 1995-1996 ?.......

Last year, we went down to the Vics, this year we face NSW as favourites at
Adelaide oval in front of 30,000 fans.

Weather looms as an issue.

SA Coach "Chuck" Berry will be a hero.

Are they good enough to win ?...............

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gold Coast Suns, where will they finish ?

Where will the Suns finish in Season 2011 ?

Will Gary Ablett be enough to get them into them 8 ? Will they be able
to win away from home ? Will they build a home ground advantage ?

A lot of money has been invested in making sure they make the
final eight, but can they ?

Interesting season ahead........

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rafa or The Fed ?........

Who will be the best player the world has seen ?.....

The Fed or Rafa ?....... tough call.

Rafa has 9 slams, the Fed 16.

But at the same age (25), the Fed had 8. Does that mean that Rafa can
beat the Fed or can the Fed add to his 16 ?

Rafa is misunderstood and is very humble. The Fed is all class.

Is this equivalent on reflection to McEnroe v. Borg or McEnroe v Lendl ?....

Perhaps, the greatest rivalry the tennis world has ever see, often only obvious upon
reflection !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We need a win.........Socceroos.

The Socceroos are playing India in the first game of the Asian Cup.

Australia is badly in need of a win.

Has our Country lost its status as a great sporting nation ?

Have we succumbed to a lazy new technology world which produces lazy children ?
or have our politicians stopped investing ?

We need a win as a country.

C'mon Lucas and Harry bring home the bacon......

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Should they keep the Fev ?

The Fev is at it again......should the Lions put up with him ?

Is his talent or distraction worth the effort for the team ?

It will be an interesting 48 hours to see how the Lions respond.

At 29-30 years of age, surely the question has to be asked.

Perhaps a media career is awaiting the Fev !