Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Future of AFL Football looks uncertain ?.....

Is the AFL at the crossroads ?

Free Trade ?......too many blowouts ?........teams winning by 20-30 goals too often.....has the game lost its appeal ?....crowds down ?.....

Question has to remain......have they played with the rules too much ?

For example, with the new substitute rule and rotations means that the better teams have an advantage of being able to keep their midfield fresher, which means that the gap between the very good teams and good teams will continue to grow.

No longer, with the rule change does it allow the lesser teams to "shut the game down".

Look at the recent results.....Melbourne blowout, Power, Gold Coast et al.

The constant playing with the rules has caused this.

Now, with the up-coming Free Trade, will the AFL end up like English Premier League where only really 3-4 teams can win each year ?.....the gap between the poor and rich clubs will expand ?

Is that where the AFL is going ?.....


  1. Never really did get the game. I'd still rather watch a bunch of spoilt EPL babies ;-) knowing that Great Horwood FC (my old village club) could get to the FA CUP final... it's never going to happen but then you can say the same about an Adelaide AFL side winning anything!


    a proper game, played by ladies....(flinders flames you might see a Zundel playing in the whites) - no seriously the same thing is happening here 2 teams that have premier players & an association lets it happen, loook at the goal differences! Sporting mistakes replicated across the playing field!