Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pup gets his chance......

Michael Clarke gets his chance at the final Sydney Test.

If they win, and he scores a 100 in either innings, there is no doubt he will be
appointed the new Australian Cricket Captain. How quickly things can change in
sport !

If he fails, on both counts, it creates a significant dilemma for the selectors, who else
could lead our Cricket team that resembles the Graham Yallop side's of the 80's ?
A big question.......

Time to be brave and bring in the youth !

Nothing to lose.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shane Radbone: Boxing Test Massacre.......

Shane Radbone: Boxing Test Massacre.......: "Regardless of the calls for Warnie to come out of retirement have fallen on deaf ears, the Australian team look like suffering the worst def..."

Boxing Test Massacre.......

Regardless of the calls for Warnie to come out of retirement have fallen on deaf ears, the Australian team look like suffering the worst defeat in our proud history.

Watching the team bundled out for 98 and the war cry's from the Balmy Army was all too much as up to 30,000 people left at tea time Day 1.

Why do they leave the Cricket early, but never leave their AFL team ? Why the difference ?

You have to feel for Ponting, he is unlikely to have a S. Waugh type of send off, which is a tragedy.

It seems that Dean Jones may be right, have we bred a new breed of Australian cricketer that is soft ? Where is the aggro and mental toughness ?

Bring back Boonie and Merv !

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shane Radbone: Boxing Day Test.

Shane Radbone: Boxing Day Test.: "The time has come for the Aussie's to stand up and be counted. Even without Warnie..... 90,000 plus will be there, it will be a cracker. L..."

Boxing Day Test.

The time has come for the Aussie's to stand up and be counted.

Even without Warnie.....

90,000 plus will be there, it will be a cracker. Lets hope we win the toss and
bat first.

Lets also hope we are at our best mentally to beat the Poms and win back the urn.

See you there.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bring back Warnie.......

The best thing we can do as Australian's is march the streets today and demand that Warnie be included for the Boxing Day test vs Poms.

Why ?

Because the team needs a "hard edge", I think we are all over watching Michael Clarke laugh on the field, when we are being handed a cricket lesson by the Poms. We are all over, watching us being "out phsyched" by the Poms.

Are we sick of England playing so "Australian" ? - with a mental edge and desire that typified the Australian team for so many years.

We think we are.

Bring Back Warnie to sledge, bowl into the breeze from the Punt road end and lead Australia to an unlikely victory. He will be ideal for the Sydney test as well. His record at the MCG and Sydney speak for themselves.

It could be the greatest comeback in Australian sport, not done since Bobby Simpson.

So, gather your placards and walk the streets now and demand what we all want "Warnie back"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Whole Health Thing. By Jake Phillips

“I just cannot seem to stay motivated to exercise and eat right. How do you manage to do it day in and day out?” I am often asked this question by clients, friends, family, and really anyone when I say to them: “I’m a personal trainer.”
Chances are that for them, like 95% of people I know or coach, a typical day looks like this: you have at least one coffee in the morning, go to a job you have no passion for, have some more unhealthy food for dinner, watch TV or use Facebook for 5 hours, go to bed feeling worse and do it all again the next day. And you wonder why your life is the way it is.
“But I want to look great and fit into all my old clothes and be really fit and healthy.” That’s a lie. If you really wanted those things you would have them because you wouldn’t rest until you were there. And then keep going.
Now when I get asked “how do you do it?”, it is really a simple answer. I love myself. As narcissistic as that sounds, let me explain.
Many people believe that love is an emotion. This, in fact, is not the case. If you look at the language of nearly every progressive society since the dawn of man, the word love is used as a verb. Love is not an emotion. Rather it is a way of being in the world which is reflected in your thoughts, words, and deeds. It is not an emotion – it is a quality of being.
To be honest, I do not really care what your goals are, what you do for a living or what got you where you are today. If you want to change how you look, feel and live your life, you need to love yourself. Look at any of your friends or family who keep running back into the same crappy relationship over and over again. Do you think they would do that if they really cared about themselves?
In saying that, if you really look hard at yourself in the mirror, eventually you will realise that you are the way you are now because of every judgement, choice and action you have made be it good, bad or ugly.
And this isn’t just for how you look naked or feel when you wake up in the morning. This applies to everything. Money. Work. Relationships. After all, if you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else? If you don’t love yourself, how can you make good choices that will have a positive effect on your life?
Do this: when you wake up in the morning go to the mirror. Look directly into your eyes, and say “I love you”. Tell yourself something you like about yourself. Laugh. Enjoy. You are the only you there will ever be. There will never be anyone with your fingerprints or your smile again. Once you honestly have love for yourself you will notice something. People will be drawn to you. People will feel safe around you. Once they feel how much love YOU have for YOURself, they will definitely want to join your little party.
My original article was about how to stay healthy and fit over christmas and new years, how to prevent gaining any weight during silly season. I soon scrapped this idea because 99% of the people who would read it don’t care enough to put it into action. It’s “too hard.” But in reading this article I think you know how to do it. I can give you all the tips and the best program in the world, but you really only need to do one thing to answer the question at the top of the page. Fall in love.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Efficient Training

Why is there a need to spend more than an hour at training per day? There isn't. One hour a day of efficient training is the best way to maintain health and fitness. Too many people spend too long working out with rest times in between sets too long. The key to increasing aerobic capacity is to reduce your rest time between sets and maintain a steady heart rate to improve your overall fitness. This makes it a lot less time and is more achievable to find 1 hour per day.

Putting it into your diary, like any appointment is the key.

Make the time. 7 hours a week out of 168 hours. Equals 4% of your time.

Not a big commitment.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Read My Lips

One of the most valuable skills in the workplace is one that is not taught at school, nor college or University. Those who master it will be the recipient of accolades and riches beyond their dreams. But despite its importance you will never see it listed in any job ad nor will it be mentioned in any job interview. I’m talking about the ancient art of what the Japanese call ‘dokushinjutsu’: mind reading.

With business happening faster than the speed of light and tasks, delegations and requests flying at us thick and fast via emails, text messages, meetings, video conferencing and as someone passes us in the hallway, mind reading has become an essential workplace skill to getting a handle on what is expected of us.

What do they want me to do? How do they want me to do it? When do they want it by? The answers to these questions (and maybe more) define the goal posts – you know those elusive white sticks that people complain are always moving about?

If you have experienced this and by the way you have, try this. Stare intently into the eyes of the person asking you and don’t blink for 56 seconds while repeating under your breath ‘I now enter the mind of the beast’. Alternatively write down on a clean piece of white paper the task as you understand it then stare at the words, meditating upon their meaning. If that doesn’t work you could try a physic but I’m pretty sure the Tax Office is not going to let you write that one off as a tax deduction. Of course if all of that fails you could try asking. “When do you need this by?”. “Did you want me to run this by you before I send it out?” and the like.

Sometimes people are hesitant to ask because they don’t want to seem like they don’t ‘get It ’. Compare this with the stress of having to sound convincing when you’re your manager innocently asks “how are you going with task X?”. “Oh, um, yep, all good”. Or making an ass of yourself by doing X when they wanted Y. Which do you think is going to make you look like the bigger idiot?

If that fails, don’t worry, thankfully the CIA are working on a solution. Like all good technological advances initially developed for military purposes their work will find it’s way into civilian life. Remember this when in 10 years time you are watching an infomercial on TV for the Demtel Mind Reader 2020. All for the amazing price of $29.95 plus postage and handling.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Aussie Rules

Do we live in an age where by the game of Aussie Rules especially on a national level is becoming too controlled and predictable? Judging by the weekend's results perhaps not but when you look at salary capping, priority draft picks and an ever changing rule system. Compare AFL to the English Premier League (obvious differences aside) - the premier league is: part of an international code, unlimited salaries, perhaps no draft system. What you end up with there however is the richer clubs get strong and the poorer clubs get relegated? Could AFL survive with a relegation system, an opening of the state based leagues to a national level, a system where you could see Sturt play an NT team?

Monday, June 28, 2010


I recently read this article ( about the recent deal met between the Australian Government and Telstra. I can't help but feel a little nervous about the coming months both economically and politically in Australia and seeing the current government make decisions such as this at such a time when they are changing their own leader spells potential disaster. Off the back of the "Insulation Disaster", have all the "t's" been crossed and have all the "i's" been dotted to ensure Australia makes a necessary step forward with its national broadband network?