Friday, December 10, 2010

Bring back Warnie.......

The best thing we can do as Australian's is march the streets today and demand that Warnie be included for the Boxing Day test vs Poms.

Why ?

Because the team needs a "hard edge", I think we are all over watching Michael Clarke laugh on the field, when we are being handed a cricket lesson by the Poms. We are all over, watching us being "out phsyched" by the Poms.

Are we sick of England playing so "Australian" ? - with a mental edge and desire that typified the Australian team for so many years.

We think we are.

Bring Back Warnie to sledge, bowl into the breeze from the Punt road end and lead Australia to an unlikely victory. He will be ideal for the Sydney test as well. His record at the MCG and Sydney speak for themselves.

It could be the greatest comeback in Australian sport, not done since Bobby Simpson.

So, gather your placards and walk the streets now and demand what we all want "Warnie back"

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